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Michael Kors has dropped his interest in travel, in favor of redefining sex.
The designer’s new fragrance, Sexy Ruby, launched Thursday night with a splashy party at Tate Modern in London, where Kors threw back “Sexy” and “Ruby” cocktails with a handful of global influencers flown in to interact with (who also were no doubt urged to share the night’s festivities with their social communities).


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“Now when I think about sexy — sexy for a lot of people used to be perceived as you dress provocatively, it’s how you feel at night. Now, for a lot of women, what makes them feel sexy is feeling powerful. [And] I want something that celebrated the whole idea that sexy in today’s world is powerful… and the fragrance is magnifying your sexy,” Kors expounded, also calling the scent a fresh way to reflect the different moods of the Michael Kors woman.
“It’s always interesting when you see a shift in how people perceive things…[and] beauty and fashion have to reflect that,” he added.